Who Needs Carbs

managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

And “The Ugly”?

(March 19, 2011)

When we take blood tests and check the cholesterol status, three things are checked: HDLLDL, and triglycerides. I’ve already written about HDL and LDL. So what is a triglyceride?

Triglycerides are the fats structure in the body – A glycerol head and three fatty acids tails.

Triglycerides by themselves are not problematic. On the contrary, they are the form in which the body saves energy. The problem arises when their levels in the blood rises too high. When triglyceride levels are too high they can be one of the risk factors for heart disease.

It’s the liver who makes triglycerides and there’s no connection to the fat we eat. If anything, there’s a big connection with the carbohydrates we eat. – Carbohydrate rich food increases triglyceride levels in the blood.

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