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About awareness

Last week, walking to a dance class, I passed a workplace for people with different disabilities. One of the men approached me and asked if I had a cigarette to donate. I don’t smoke so I said no and continued on my way. But it made me think and I remembered something that happened when my children were small.

I was going to buy them Popsicle in the neighbourhood kiosk and a middle-aged woman was standing there. She didn’t look well, physically and mentally. She looked at the children with their trait and muttered something as she would like some too.
My first thought was, “Why not, I can buy her one”, but then a second thought caught me: “Wait! What if she has diabetes, or something else like an allergy?” (She had signs of diabetes …) Instead I suggested that she should go home and ask if people at home could buy her ice cream.

Today there’s more awareness so parents ask each other about allergies before parties at kindergarten or in class. But what happens when candy-sharing takes place outside control? For example, when children offer candy among themselves.

Why does every celebration, every event, any show of affection resolve around foods and sweets?
Maybe we should pay attention to and also care about the health of others?
It’s time we start other ways of celebration and pampering, isn’t it?

You can give play time, stickers and balloons, and so on. (Soap bubbles are a sure hit for adults too – try and see!)

What do you think? Can we start a small revolution? At least between ourselves to begin with?


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