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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Free Radicals = Aging, or …?

My husband has been a subscriber to Scientific American for many decades. Nowadays one can read many articles online but he likes to get the paper edition and we have … Continue reading

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Research …

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli Yesterday one of the news items was that it had been found in research that Omega-3 … Continue reading

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Red meat

It’s already two weeks after the last storm – “red meat causes premature mortality” – and since most of us have been busy with other things whether with Passover preparations or primaries … Continue reading

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One of ours

(February 21, 2012) One of the most common arguments against the LCHF diest is that “there are no long term studies that it’s not dangerous”. (Interestingly, today’s conventional dietary advices … Continue reading

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Wonder yogurt?

(January 15, 2012) Today I heard an add for a new yogurt and decided to check it out … Apparently there has been some research (according to the company making … Continue reading

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Brings forth bread from the earth …

(July 4, 2011) Sometimes it’s funny how one thing leads to another. A few days ago hubby received the results of blood tests he’d done, and in the evening we … Continue reading

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Once upon a time

For many months I’ve been reading up on all kinds of researches about our diet. And on what basis our modern dietetics stand. Apparently it all started in the U.S. about 50 years ago with “The Seven Nations” research … Continue reading

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