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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Why am I writing this blog?

All the time we’re being told – by doctors, dietitians, researches, health authorities – what we should and shouldn’t eat. How much to eat, how much water to drink, how much to exercise, how much to sleep etc, to stay healthy. There are diets, there are gyms, there are books and magazines, and all the time we’re being informed by new research: once we’re not supposed to eat more than 1-2 eggs a week, and suddenly we can eat even five a day with no problem. One day soy products are a good healthy alternative and the next day they cause trouble in growing kids.

It’s very easy to get fed up with it all – What and to whom should one believe?

Today, more than ever, it’s easier for anyone to find information and one doesn’t have to rely only on professionals. We consumers can find alternatives to the common and conventional nutrition and health “truths” that authorities, pharmacology companies, and food industries, are feeding us.

There are more and more doctors, dieticians, researchers, and other health professionals in the world, who are finding that what we’ve been taught for years doesn’t have any scientific back-up. In not so few cases, new evaluations of research results have shown that these results don’t support the conclusions that were drawn, the conclusions that are the base for the institutional nutrition recommendations and instructions on how to treat situations like overweight, high cholesterol, diabetes, and more.

The internet makes it possible for these professionals to be heard and present their interpretation on various research results.

In this blog I’ll ask a lot of questions and I’ll try to find answers for them.

In this blog I’ll try to explain basic facts about our body and about nutrition. Basic facts that are known to most of us but somehow got forgotten. Or worse, are being neglected.

In this blog I’ll try to stir up questions of yours (and I recommend you to check and read for yourself so that you can decide yourself).

And in this blog I’ll also write all kind of thoughts that arouse in my head about nutrition and our bodies.

That’s why I’m writing this blog!

2 comments on “Why am I writing this blog?

  1. Zepp
    June 14, 2014

    Hey, is there any progress in Israel?

    I read that Israel is eating the worste diet in the whole world?

    • Dina
      June 15, 2014

      Well … No real progress when it comes to official recommendations. BUT the Paleo “movement” gets more and more interested people every day! 🙂
      (In fact, a lot of the paleo people have adapted a more LCHF approach but call it “low carb paleo”.)

      I think that one of the problems with the Israeli mainstream diet, which is more or less as the rest of the Western world, is the extra use of margarine and non-healthy plant oils. They are “parve” meaning neither from dairy nor from animals and are considered “neutral” which is important for the kosher dietary laws. I’m using coconut oil but it’s a lot more expensive than margarine …

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