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Cholesterol Clarity – What the HDL is Wrong with My Numbers?

By Jimmy Moore and Eric C. Westman, MD  “Your cholesterol is high and you have to lower it!” “What? But I’m already avoiding red meat and only eat low-fat products … Continue reading

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Wonder yogurt?

(January 15, 2012) Today I heard an add for a new yogurt and decided to check it out … Apparently there has been some research (according to the company making … Continue reading

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I’ve finished one more book

(January 1, 2012) This time “Fat and Cholesterol are GOOD for You!” by the Danish doctor Uffe Ravnskov. Dr. Ravnskov was from the start very skeptical to the campaign against cholesterol … Continue reading

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A few more things about LDL

(10 March, 2011) Although Purim and not Passover is knocking on the door, I ran into some ‘kushiot’ [difficulties] concerning LDL: 1. It’s difficult to measure LDL in the blood … Continue reading

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LDL – “The Bad”

(10 March, 2011) LDL – low density lipoprotein – is also a container that leads cholesterol. This time from the liver to various cells in the body. But, as I’ve mentioned, cells need cholesterol. So why is the LDL considered “bad”? Apparently there are several “types” of LDL: … Continue reading

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