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Am here sharing some thoughts about diabetes I wrote on Facebook:

Diabetes Mellitus…
Most people know about types 1 and 2. And maybe also about Gestational Diabetes. (Did you know that there is also a type 3 diabetes?)
Most people know that diabetes is linked to sugar. That there is too much blood sugar.
Most people hear from professionals (doctors, nurses, dietitians …) that they need to lower their blood sugar levels.

But actually the high blood sugar level is just a symptom.
A symptom showing that the system who is supposed to care for a good level doesn’t work properly.
The main player is the hormone insulin.

Insulin is created in the pancreas.
If there is no insulin production, you get type 1 diabetes.
If there is an insulin production but cells in your body don’t realise that there is insulin in the system, you get type 2 diabetes.

What affects the production amount?
Signals from the brain,
increased cortisol levels (another hormone in the body),
a growth on or in the pancreas (God forbid!),
and more …

And how do you treat diabetes?
You can treat symptoms – taking drugs or injecting insulin.
And you can treat the causing factors in different ways – for example, by reducing the amount of sugar in your food, or by reducing your amount of cortisol (e.g. by reducing stress), and so on.

Do you have diabetes?
How do you treat it?


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