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Have you seen any red Fiats lately?

red car

You know the phenomena when you’re thinking of buying a red Fiat you suddenly see red Fiats all over?

Usually when I’m out and about I, like most people, notice others around me, on the street, in the mall, on the train, and so on. And, like most people, I see clothes and hairstyles and such. But I also see health, or rather, lack of it. There are all kinds of signs a trained eye can see to estimate a person’s health. One of them is of course the weight, mostly overweight though not only. I guess a person’s physiognomy is like a red Fiat for me. And I’m quite used to see it. But…

The other day I went to the supermarket – a regular Monday at noonish. True, not so many people (almost no lines at the cashier) but red Fiats everywhere! Everyone!!! Well, not Fiats but overweight people…

Quite shocking.

And very very sad.



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