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Old fat and sick, or young thin and …

old sick man


… still sick?

Once upon a time you mostly got ‘sick’ when you got old*. Kind of understandable if you think about the body as a machine – at some point you get rundown. Unless you take care of and periodically maintain your bodily machine. (No, I’m not talking about plastic surgery but to give your cells the necessary nutrition, enough sleep, and things like that.)

So one can understand that once upon a time diabetes type 2 was called “old age diabetes” as towards end of life the system might not work properly. But today younger and younger people are getting the disease. Why? Are they born with “lesser quality” parts? Or are they wearing them down quicker? Or maybe both?

The same with body weight – once upon a time, you kept your adult weight more or less static till the end. Some people maybe got a bit heavier with age. Probably due to better living conditions and better access to food. But it was a slow process. Today you can get overweight very fast. And when you’re still young.

With weight gain frequently come illnesses. You can get high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea etc and these health problems can in turn bring on more illnesses. In short, you’re apt for the metabolic syndrome.

However, not all fat people are necessarily sick. And more important, being thin doesn’t mean you’re immune to health problems! Especially not to the food related ones. You can be thin and have thyroid problems. Or diabetes. Or gastro-intestinal problems. And many thin people do have these problems and more.

Hence your weight is less important. It’s more important to be healthy.


*Old doesn’t equal sick. Actually I think the majority of elders are healthy and “kicking”. But we don’t hear about them. We mostly hear about the sick ones. And today’s problem is that more elders are becoming sick. Another problem is that youngsters are also becoming sick.


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