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Things we usually don’t talk about (IV)

brushing teethWhat is among the first things health conscious parents teach their kids to do? Brush their teeth. I remember when my first was born how we were told to give the baby a toothbrush as soon as he can grip it, even before the first tooth, so to get used to the feeling of a brush in the mouth.

As adults we’re also advised to floss every evening and use tooth picks after every meal, to optimize our oral health. And there are special chewing gums that supposedly kill bacteria in our mouth.

Why is this important? Because what happens in our mouth reflects the rest of the body. We all have a bunch of bacteria in our mouth. And that is a good thing. (Most of the billions of bacteria that inhabit our bodies are there for a purpose and without them we wouldn’t function properly.) So if we have an oral inflammation we might very well have some inflammation in the rest of the body too, and vice versa. Why? Because the cause for inflammation doesn’t necessary affect just one place. It can cause havoc in many places. What can cause inflammation? Sugar and starches.

Now someone will say “Right! Sugar causes dental cavities.” Yes, that too. But oral health is more: cavities, gum inflammation, degeneration of teeth bone etc. And sugar feeds the bacteria that can cause all this.

Another thing, there is a direct nerve route between the mouth and the brain. That means that any bad bacteria can get to the brain and cause damage. (Even good bacteria in the wrong place can create havoc.)

So, if we eat less sugars and starches (LCHF anyone?) we can positively affect our oral health. Even if we’re less strict on the brushing and flossing and picking and mouth washing.

I know I got rid of my bleeding gums that way. Have you felt any difference in your oral health?


2 comments on “Things we usually don’t talk about (IV)

  1. Elisheva
    January 8, 2016

    Cool to find this blog! I’m on lchf for over a year already and feel that no one knows what I am talking about. But after having lost ten kilos people keep asking me what I did…

    And yes I got rid of bleeding gums too… one of the gazillion good things that happend to my body when I stopped eating carbs.

    Keep up the good work!

    /Elisheva in Jerusalem

    • Dina
      January 9, 2016

      Nice to hear about your gums. Isn’t it amazing?
      And thanks, I’m trying. 🙂

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