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Things we usually don’t talk about (III)

hormonesFeeling depressed? Not having any sex drive? Constantly tired? More issues many have problems with but don’t talk about. And yes, these issues also have connections to the food we eat.

Have you heard about hormones? Growth hormone, estrogen, cortisol, and so on. A hormone is a chemical substance in our body that conveys a message. Some hormones act locally and some travels throughout the body. The message can be to start something or to stop, or how much to do.

The hormones are built from different substances such as proteins or specific amino acids, steroids (built on cholesterol), or different types of fats. Where do we get these substances? Mostly from our food! (E.g. vitamin C.) But not only; e.g. vitamin D, which actually is a pre-hormone, is derived from the sun and cholesterol.

So what happens if we are eating a low-fat diet? Or taking cholesterol lowering medication? (Have you heard about the side effect of impotence from taking statins?)

What we eat affects our hormones; can’t build fat-based hormones without fat, can we? And our hormones affect what happens with the food we eat in our bodies; eating a lot of sugar will increase the hormone insulin which in turn affects other hormones. Shouldn’t we try to make the two, food and hormones, cooperate? How will we feel if we don’t?

Speaking of which, it’s frequently claimed that we need to eat carbohydrates, and especially bread, to up our serotonin, the feeling good hormone. We don’t eat serotonin. It’s made from tryptophan, which we do eat. There is some tryptophan in cereals. But there is about three times more in meat. (Pure cocoa has about twice as much tryptophan as bread. No wonder we want chocolate!)

So grab a steak next time you’re feeling down!



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