Who Needs Carbs

managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Let’s celebrate

celebrating“But you have to indulge sometimes.”

“It’s my birthday so I’m going to let go.”

“You only live once.”

All true, and hey, why not celebrate with something extra when there’s a good occasion?

The problem is …

– That in a class of 30 pupils it makes 30 birthday celebrations. And kids usually don’t only celebrate in the classroom but also at home with family and friends. And if the kid happens to have divorced parents most often there will be twice the celebration. And there’s usually more than one family member that has a birthday that we want to celebrate.

– Workplaces with “Happy Thursday” (in Israel, elsewhere it’s on Fridays) that gather employees for some extra cookie time. And before each holiday has a “toast” with some finger food.  Make about 60 gatherings in a year.

– Going out with your girlfriends once a month? Why not, you have been together since 4th grade. And still – another 12 special occasions.

– Summertime! It’s hot. You’re at the beach and you’re definitely going to have one ice cream. Every time you’re going to the beach.

– And then it’s vacation time. This year you’re going to an ‘all inclusive’ resort. So why not try all the free foods? Including the sweets. After all, you’ve paid for it.

– Holiday season – Easter; more chocolates than eggs these days …

And there are graduations and baby showers and beer festivals and…

How many celebrations do we have in a year? That includes food and sweets. And not only celebrations; what about popcorn and soda at the cinema? And a candy bar. Can we not sit and watch a movie for 90 minutes without putting something in our mouth?

So what can we do instead?

  • Celebrate all birthday kids in a class together once a month and maybe only having a family dinner at home?
  • Kids’ birthdays in general can revolve around games and creative activities instead of food. Have cut up vegetables and fruits, and let the kids make their own skewers, instead of processed snacks and candy.
  • Change “cookie time” to “cheese tasting” or “game playing” or something else creative for the employees’ enjoyment. (Why not let people go home half an hour earlier to be a bit more with their families?)
  • Easter is actually very easy – go back to the tradition with real eggs; (paint and) eat them. And you can fill paper eggs with small gifts instead of all that candy.
  • And that fun time with your girlfriends – meet in the park and hang out under a tree talking. Maybe go to an art gallery together?

Celebration doesn’t have to include cakes and candy! Regular food can be a feast for the eye and the palate and a good way of everyday celebration.

I’m not saying that you should never ever have special treats, of course you can. And of course you can enjoy a vacation with new culinary experiences, or enjoying a good traditional holiday meal with the traditional sweet treats. I’m just wondering if we really have to ‘celebrate’ 24/7/52 …

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