Who Needs Carbs

managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Solving non-problems

question-mark“I don’t understand!” my husband exclaimed one evening, and continued “why do ‘they’ try to find a solution to health problems?” (By ‘they’ I guess he meant the medical establishment, researchers, physicians, and other health experts, including the Big Pharma etc. By ‘health problems’ referring to the obesity and diabetes pandemic.)

Then he continued: “You need to find solutions to problems that you don’t have an answer for. Here we know!” And he went on: “We know that we all got ill because of the last 40 years of bad dietary advice. Before that we were fine. Why don’t we just go back to what we used to eat before the processed foods, the HFCS, and the fat fear? Problems need solutions. Here there’s no need for new solutions. Just undo what we did wrong!”

Yes, why don’t we?



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