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Things we usually don’t talk about (I)

going to the bathroom

This time I’m going to raise an issue that many of us have, or have had, problems with. But we don’t usually talk about it. The matter of our bowel movement and its products. So if you’re sensitive, stop reading now!

I’m not going to talk about stool consistency (best is medium soft) but about frequency.

Have you ever thought about what it is we excrete in our feces? It’s mostly all that ‘stuff’ the body can’t use. There are fibers, dead cells, bacteria and so on. The colour comes from broken down red blood cells and bile. Knowing your poop can actually tell you a lot about your health!

So if we eat a lot of junk or substances the body can’t use, it is being shoveled out. But if we only (or mostly) eat foods that the body can use, what is there to throw away?

Many times people complain that they get constipated* when they start LCHF. And yes, it takes a few days for the gut environment (enzymes and bacteria) to change and in the meantime our bowel movements may not be as effective as before. But frequently there just ain’t nothing to get rid of.

trash cans

Very much like using a smaller garbage can when there are no big bulky cereal boxes to throw away.

*You feel constipation as a pressure in your lower abdomen.


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