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Call for help

tim noakesAs I told earlier this month, Professor Tim Noaks is having a hearing after advising a mother to feed her toddler real food.

The hearing is being held in a few days and anyone who wants to support him and has not yet signed the petition should do so as soon as possible. Click here for the petition.

Thank you!

Ps Why is this important to me?

  1. I predict that soon we’ll have the same incident here. Then we can show the local authorities that there is global support for LCHF.
  2. Prof. Noaks is one of the most humble and honest people I know, and he works for the common good without paying attention to the slanders he gets. How many people can come forward and admit after 20-plus year career that he made a mistake and ask for forgiveness? And now he is working non-stop to help people to recover their health. Chapeau!

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