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Quite depressing


vegetarian myth


But nevertheless a very important read!

“The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Keith

The author was a vegan for approximately 20 years, including some years of raw food, and other variations, while she got sicker and sicker. She wanted to understand “why” as she’d been told that this was the healthiest way of eating. And also the best for animals and our planet, issues very dear to her heart. So she started studying and enquiring and researching … And found a lot of myths surrounding vegetarianism and veganism. So she continued studying and enquiring and researching the myths and this book is the result.

The book is divided into three parts: the moral, the political, and the nutritional aspects. In each one she scrutinizes facts and myths and draws conclusions. Which are mostly depressing, as she’s not afraid to show the dark sides of politics, agriculture, and civilization.

Side by side, she also tells her own personal story and development from “naïve vegan” (her words) to a very aware omnivore. A fascinating and very personally revealing story.

So prepare for a difficult read but so worth it!


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