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News for the Weekend

public crierThings are happening around the world…

1) Prof. Tim Noaks was reported to the HPCSA (“Health Professions Council of South Africa”) for giving “dangerous” advice to a mother who wanted to know what food she could give her toodler. Now he has a hearing before them in early June.

The advice he gave? Eat according to Banting’s “Green List” (LCHF in South Africa) and give up the industrialized food. Really “dangerous”!

A petition was created and anyone who supports him is welcome to sign. Within a week almost 20 thousand people from around the world signed.

2) This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the obesity epidemic that already haunts the United States is approaching Europe. In 20 years the majority of the European population will be overweight. Clearly a serious problem. Just that it seems they based the forecast on data from some 5 years ago or so and at least in Sweden that doesn’t correspond to reality and the most updated statistics from last year.

According to “Diet Doctor” the obesity growth has halted in Sweden and that could very well be due to awareness, changing to eating LCHF, and subsequently the growing butter consumption.

3) Speaking of “Diet Doctor” – the site has expanded. The old known part, with all its information, remains but now you can also register for “membership pages”. For a small monthly amount ($9) you get a lot of added value. It’s worth checking out! And the first month is free. (“Disclosure”: I have no financial interest in the matter.)

4) Good or bad? McDonald closes branches worldwide. What’s your opinion?

5) Diabetics! Check that this is not the drug you received.

And if so, talk to your doctor immediately and replace it! Or, perhaps even better, try LCHF that balances you blood sugar with good food, but without medication (or at least in very small doses).

Wishing you a pleasant weekend!



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