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Maybe I’m exaggerating, but …

wheatI know that we mostly only hear the bad news in media and much less the good ones. A matter of rating apparently. The types of bad news being reported, almost all is about either political scams or violence of some sort or other. Domestic violence, war, whatever.

But not only on the news. When I look around me, in traffic, on the bus, in the store, and so on, I see stressed people, and people with very short fuses. Of course there can be many reasons for peoples low tolerance levels: a stressful job, the juggling with family time – friends time – me time, maybe taking care of elderly sick parents, studies etc. But I’m wondering if there isn’t one more big influence people usually overlook: the opiates in wheat.

Kids having sugar highs and grown-ups with sugar dips are becoming more and more “normal” everyday situations. The establishment doesn’t talk about sugar addiction yet but common people start to understand the negative impacts of sugar and try to avoid it.

But what about wheat addiction? That wheat can create morphine-like proteins (type of opiates) that bind to the same receptors in the brain as drug opiates is known. How does that affect our brains? Big Food knows. And hence you can find wheat flour in so many products that aren’t necessarily related to bread or other foods where it can be expected. Soy sauce, chewing gum, even tooth paste can contain small amounts of wheat.

Reminds me of the opium problem in China during the 19th century. The colonial interests (mostly British and French) liked the idea of the Chinese being opium addicts as it made them more willing to exchange silk and other expensive merchandise to get opium which was cheap for the British to produce.

Seems to me that those who eat a lot of wheat foods, or products with wheat in them, must be in a state of constant dependant.

What happens in an addict’s brain when the drug’s effects wear off? Usually they get cranky and start to look for their next fix. Just like what happens to wheat addicts just that they look for a cookie or a cinnamon bun! And frequently the quantities needed to “calm down” are getting higher.

So is all this impatience and intolerance just wheat addicts needing their drug? Well, there are all kind of reasons for peoples frenzy, but how many aren’t saying things like “What?! I can’t give up my bread.” (Or pasta or bun …)

I’m not sure I’m exaggerating.


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