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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

What to do?

purim candyPurim. Mishloach Manot. The house gets filled with candy and cookies. Not necessary the sort that we generally allow ourselves to eat. What to do?

In a few forums I’m a member of, this question has been discussed in the past days. Apparently not only we have this dilemma. Actually, this dilemma of what to do with candy boxes occurs throughout the year, whether you get them for your birthday or from guests visiting.

So what do you do with the stuff you don’t want to eat or maybe not even have in your house? (So as not challenge temptation.)

When discussed on the forums, different ideas are being heard, like giving away to needed, to soldiers, schools, or hospitals and so on. There are also those who think one should just throw it away. I think so too.

My thoughts are: why give it away? Why ‘poison’ others?

And my arguments are:

If one wants to help people less fortunate it’s better to give real food. A jar of soup and some vegetables will surely be appreciated.

Kids, whether in school or hospitalized, will enjoy crayons and clay for much longer than a lollipop.

BTW, hospitals are probably the last place to bring ‘unwanted junk food’. Many of the patients may very well be there because of past bad food choices.

Some argue that one could take the stuff to work. Many workplaces have a kitchen or place for coffee and maybe that could be a solution; whoever wants something takes and whoever doesn’t won’t. Free will. Maybe. But what about sugar-sensitive people? Diabetics, or those who are addicted to sugar. It would be like smoking next to people with asthma. There is enough temptation around without us adding to it.

And the last argument, for now, that throwing away is a waste of money – well, the money has already been spent and won’t return. Why make bad worse by also eating it?

So my suggestions are that we find new creative ways of saying “I love you” and “I care”. Spend time together, say a kind word, and show appreciation. And of course there can be LCHF friendly options, like the nuts and dark chocolate my mother in law gave us. I’ll make sure to post more ideas in time before next year’s Purim.

Chag Sameach!

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