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How to become a “health freak” in 5 steps – Warning!

About a year and a half or so ago, I started to write some posts for an international LCHF site together with a few others.
Unfortunately – some months ago the site was hacked and all our texts were deleted.
Fortunately – I had saved all my own writings and, as most texts are still very current, I though I’ll post them again.
This time I’m posting a humorous piece, but even here there’s a “serious core”.

5 steps

  1. Frequently one starts with LCHF as a means to lose weight; maybe you read about how you can eat good food without counting calories and still lose weight? Maybe you have a friend who has tried the method and is singing its praises? In any case, you think it’s worth trying for a few weeks or so. To see what it’s all about. Very skeptical, of course. It sounds too good to be true.
  2. So you start reading up on the subject; you buy books, you read blogs, you join a forum or two and ask questions. And you get very helpful answers. And you start to understand how your body works. And how your food choices till now have “sabotaged” your health. And what you can eat instead. And you start to feel empowered. You are taking charge of your body and health.
  3. That is when you start realizing that there are other things involved in healthy eating; it’s not only about reducing carbs and adding fat. There’s the ecological aspect too and maybe it would be better eating meat from grass fed cattle, eggs from free range chickens, and organically grown vegetables? Maybe you should even start growing your own tomatoes? And while you’re at it, make your own tallow and schmaltz to use for frying.
  4. Then, maybe because you reached a weight loss plateau, or just because you “feel like it”, you are starting to exercise. Voluntarily! That has never happened before. You still remember the awful gym classes in school and how you swore that never again. But the funny thing is … you like it! So you start zumba or bicycling or cross fit or “barefoot” jogging or … Anything as long as you’re moving.
  5. But wait! If you are reducing toxins from your food, what about the deodorant? And the shampoo and the toothpaste? Are they harmless or harmful? You check it; read some more, ask some more, and soon you start oil pulling, making your own deodorant, and stop using shampoo, only use conditioner, for your hair.

That’s when your friends start complaining that you’ve become a health freak! And all you wanted was to lose some weight …


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