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“Health is a choice”

About a year and a half or so ago, I started to write some posts for an international LCHF site together with a few others.
Unfortunately – some months ago the site was hacked and all our texts were deleted.
Fortunately – I had saved all my own writings and, as most texts are still very current, I thought I’ll post them again.
First out will be this musing about awareness. A subject I think is timeless. And we can all help changing the attitude – “Be the change!”

mandala for good health

Courtesy of Rinat Cohen, mandala artist http://www.rinat.homepro.co.il

“Health is a choice” is a sentence I’ve heard a few times these past weeks: I read it in D. Perlmutter’s book “Grain Brain”, I heard it from a friend who makes Mandala pictures, another friend said the exact same words in a discussion over a glass of wine, and so on.

And it made me wonder. Why do we treat our bodies as garbage bins? We know that we shouldn’t have that cinnamon roll, or that we should sleep more, or that we’re working too much. And yet, we do it. And expect our bodies to work fine. We don’t treat our cars like that, do we?

I frequently go to networking groups, to present myself and to talk about LCHF. Fortunately, I find that most people have heard that it’s good to quit bread, pasta, and potatoes if they want to lose weight, even if almost nobody has heard about the good fats like butter and coconut oil. And almost everybody thinks they have to eat a lot of fruit every day to keep healthy. Unfortunately, most people believe that they eat healthy by choosing whole-grain and low-fat alternatives. And I don’t blame them. This is what headline-seeking media and a lot of non-nutrition-educated health practitioners say.

So what can we do? I’ve said it before – educate ourselves! But what does that mean?

I, personally, try to keep a jour with research, old and new, to better help my clients. And there’s a lot going on! We just don’t hear about it. (Unless it’s a big headline telling us how bad meat is.) Just as an example, did you know that cholesterol lowering drugs will not help women avoid heart attacks? Or did you know that there is a link between too high blood sugar and Alzheimer’s? Regular people will probably not get to know this, as it’s not in the media. Worse is that neither our doctors nor other health practitioners will hear about it either. So cholesterol lowering drugs are still prescribed to women with all their damaging side effects, and there are still no warning messages on products containing sugars.

While this doesn’t mean everybody has to have a PhD in nutrition, there are a few things we all can do: start reading food labels to know what you’re actually eating and start listening to your body to know how you react to what you eat. It doesn’t mean you should have candy every time your brain wants it, but do pay attention to how your body reacts to what you put in your mouth.  Then decide if it’s good for you or not. Do you feel bloated after your morning cereal? Are you having sweet cravings after your daily fruit portion? Then these are foods you probably should skip. Are you diabetic and have problems regulating your blood sugar? Go low carb and you’ll see how it stabilizes. Do you have stomach problems? Joint pains? These are things you most often can improve by skipping certain foods. And so on. Listen to your body, get to know yourself, and you’ll see how you can get take charge of your health!



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