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“It’s your own fault!”

your faultThere are many ways for weight loss on the market; calorie or point counting, meal substitutes, pills or teas, exercise programs, support groups and so on. Some of them work for some people to a certain extent and others are just ‘torture’ for most who tries them. And still weight loss industries flourish and new pills, remedies, and regimes are being invented and marketed.

Lately I’ve heard from different people that “it’s all in the head”. Some of those saying so are health professionals that have as mission to help others to lose weight. It might be a true statement but still, most often it saddens me hearing it. Why? Because that particular statement is usually followed by “one just has to learn to eat in moderation”.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Or seen an alcoholic struggle to stay sober? Or a drug addict to get clean? For them there is no “moderation”. And for a lot of people sugar, wheat, or just carbs in general are like a drug. For them there is no “moderation”. They can’t do “moderation”. Not because they don’t want to, because they do want, but because it’s an addiction.

If you are addicted to something it affects certain centra in your brain like the reward centre and the feeling good centre. An addiction is something you have to learn to control as you can never get rid of it. But you can’t only work on behavior; you also have to get rid of the stimulus! An alcoholic can’t control drinking just a shot a day. The same goes for sugar addiction. You have to work on behavior (e.g. a 12-step program) but also get rid of the trigger.

Every time someone says “you can eat everything as long as it’s in moderation” it insults everyone who’s struggling with their weight. Overweight people, and others, are usually trying very hard to control their eating habits but as no one told them to stop the trigger they think they’re to blame when they fail. How many aren’t walking around believing they don’t have enough willpower and that it’s their own fault that they have weight problems? And you don’t have to be ‘a junky’ to fall. The food industry invests a lot of money and research making their products enough salty/sweet/crunchy, to cause us wanting more, even if we don’t have an addiction problem.

There are many reasons for weight gain: stress, medications, hormonal imbalance, and of course malnutrition. (If you don’t give the body enough nutrition it will constantly crave more.) You can’t only think behavior, or talk feelings, to manage your weight. You have to give the body enough nutrition and make sure that you stay away from triggers. Only then can you start controlling your behavior.

That’s why LCHF is so beneficial for weight maintenance. You give the body what it needs, when it needs it, without triggering extra cravings. You can eat plenty of good food without feeling bad. Are you ready to try?


2 comments on ““It’s your own fault!”

  1. Todd
    November 9, 2014

    Dina. Another excellent post that hits the nail on the head. Couldn’t agree with you more. People walk around with enough stresses and problems already, the last thing they need to hear is that they are lazy and have no willpower. The beauty of LCHF is it finally removes the onus of responsibility of one’s “sloth” and blames the macro-nutrient instead. You change the macro nutrient from carbs to fat and you automatically increase your inherent energy levels and desire to move.

    • Dina
      November 9, 2014

      Thanks for your kind words!

      One wonders how can you expect the body to work properly if you don’t give it what it needs… ?

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