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When will the awareness come to Israel?

food awarenessIn many parts of the western world people have started to realize that the food we put in our mouth affects our health far more than previously thought. It is not only for calming hunger or that we are eating because of a holiday and the whole family is gathered around the dinner table. People are also beginning to understand that what we have been taught over the past fifty years and what “we all know” is not necessarily true.

People, among them many doctors, in North America, parts of Europe, and several other places in the world like South Africa and Australia, have opened their eyes and are starting to realize that most conventions regarding diet are based on studies with ulterior motives and that “knowledge” is based on money rather than science, and not necessarily with the public’s health in mind.

Suddenly doctors are admitting they were wrong, magazines are writing about past mistakes regarding dietary advice, and in its wake trends for natural foods, without artificial additives, are gaining momentum. People are looking for “real” food, whether they are “paleolites” or vegans. So what about us here in Israel?

It is said that we usually lag about a decade behind the U.S. This means that if they finally start talking today about fat not being fattening then we will only begin to spread the word here in ten years. Can we wait that long? How many more will, in the meantime, have to suffer from unnecessary diseases, for example diabetes?

Luckily nowadays there are better ways of communication than before so maybe we can bring the knowledge to Israel faster. But everyone must help! Share, talk, and most importantly, be a good example.



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