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“Death by Food Pyramid” by Denise Minger

death by food pyramidPeople who have some insight in the nutrition scene have probably heard of the young woman Denise Minger who totally demolished the China study some years ago. (For those who don’t know, the China study is almost “the bible” for vegetarians and vegans, “proving” that diet to be the healthiest. Denise Minger went through all its statistics and pointed out so many flaws in the methodology and the conclusions, that no serious person can use that study to prove anything anymore.)

Anyway, she hasn’t been idle, and for the past few years she has been researching the origins of today’s official health advice in general and the history of the food pyramid in particular. And here’s the book! And a very interesting book, I may say, in so many ways:

First it tells the story about how our official health recommendations came to be. Why a pyramid? Why was it changed to a plate? What recommendations were there before those? Who decided to change them and why? Who did the research? (Was there any?) Scary, and at times depressing reading, as “health” was frequently not the main priority.

She, of course, also includes the histories of Ancel Keyes and John Yudkin and their feud, but not only. Her history overview starts way before them, almost two centuries ago, with the 7-day Adventists and the story of Kellog’s. Very interesting read!

Then she goes on and explains how to look at, read, and understand research, the differences between observational and clinical studies, why correlation doesn’t mean causation, and also how to understand abstracts and papers published in medical journals. A real must to understand if you don’t want to get duped by media headlines.

And at the end she makes a very interesting comparison between three very different diets – that all claim to promote health. And they all actually do, if they’re done properly. How come? Does it mean that it doesn’t matter what we eat? No, of course not. I can reveal that it has a lot to do with what you don’t eat on all three diets: empty carbs, margarines, and so on.

All in all a highly recommended book! Ms. Minger writes in an easy to read straight forward way with a lot of humor. She doesn’t attempt to reform you to any particular diet, but rather tries to increase your awareness of the food you eat and its origin, and encourage you to be critical about what you hear and read before you make food choices.



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