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I want cream in my coffee!

coffee creamWhy can’t I buy full fat cream at the supermarket? I know the product exists. And that the fat content is 42%! And that it doesn’t have any additives. Just pure cream …

Restaurants and bakeries and coffee shops can get ahold of it but not us “regular” people. I don’t like that. Why should I be deprived of the good stuff?

At the supermarkets here in Israel, you can only get up to 38% fat content. And there are all kinds of additives in the cream. To make it thicker. Why? Leave the fat and there won’t be any need for additives!

In most “regular” restaurants there are usually some vegetarian options on the menu. For those customers who don’t eat animals. Very considerate and just as it should be to please the customers, good for business, whatever. But why is there never an “animal” option in vegetarian restaurants? Am I not a good enough customer? Shouldn’t I be pleased too? At least an omelet?

Some coffee shops don’t have cream. They have regular milk, low-fat milk, and even soy milk, but not cream. Why? Don’t they want happy customers?

I really am for pluralism and think that everybody should be able to live their lives as they please (as long as they don’t hurt anyone else) so let’s do that! Keep the low fat products on the dairy shelves in the supermarkets but add the full fat options too! Sounds like a win-win to me. And it’s definitely worth it as there’s a growing market for full fat products. Just look around. How many of your friends have gone LCHF or Paleo lately? Or at least don’t fear fat anymore?

I want full-fat cream in my coffee!!!



9 comments on “I want cream in my coffee!

  1. Philip.
    September 6, 2014

    If I recall correctly the product containing 38% fat does not contain additives. It needs to be beaten to become thick.

    The sour creams [Shamenet] do contain thickeners and have betwwe 3_4.5 grams of carbohydrates/100 grams, depending on the manufacture and fat content.

    Maybe some of the Russian food shops have something to offer ?

    • Dina
      September 6, 2014

      Unfortunately the 38% have additives, some more and some less depending on brand.

  2. Philip.
    September 7, 2014

    Tnuva for example does not list any additives for its 38% fat whipping cream. It has 1.7% carbohydrates listed, coming from lactose ,if I recall correctly.Do you have data re the additives being used with the different brands ?, it would be very helpful.

    • Dina
      September 7, 2014

      I haven’t seen the Tnuva 38% FRESH cream for ages. Is it still available? It might be without additives as you say. I honestly don’t remember.
      However all the others (Tnuva 38% amid, Yotvata, Tara …) have. I’ll photograph next time I go shopping.

  3. Philip.
    September 7, 2014

    I also shall record details on my next shopping outing,and post the findings.

  4. Philip.
    September 9, 2014

    Today I copied the nutritional values for the Tnuva whipping cream, its as follows,values are grams per volume ie grams per 100 cc.
    Total fat 38%
    Protein 2%
    Carbohydrates 3.4%
    Saturated fatty acids 23%
    Trans fats 1.3%

    Additives are present,ie stabilisers and thickeners like e466 {carboxymethyl cellulose} and E407 which is a sulphated polysaccharide extracted from edible red seaweed.

    I understood from the label [very poorly written] that sugar is present, the amount was not mentioned. What are diabetics expected to do, put some in their coffee and test for a glucose spike?

    What are carb counters to understand, how much of the carbs are from the additives, how much is digested and how much can be considerd fiber ie just “passes through”.

    The nutritional values of the Yotvata product are almost identical.
    I am still looking for something without added sugar, and with meaningful label.

    • Dina
      September 10, 2014

      Thanks for checking!
      I don’t think there’s any added sugar as there is another product (32%) where they do add it and also state it. The carbohydrate content is mostly from the lactose. You can’t really avoid that in dairy products.

      Yes, the best for a diabetic is to test. There probably won’t be a ‘spike’, or at least not a high one, as the lactose is combined with a lot of fat.

      Carbcounters will have to take the amount of cream used into the daily calculation.

  5. Philip.
    September 10, 2014

    Interesting ,no sugars reported here, which would mean that the carbohydrates come from the thickener/stabiliser additives.

    • Dina
      September 18, 2014

      Don’t forget there is lactose in dairy products and that is probably what gives most of the carb content.
      (The thickener may be cellulose (I think one of them is that) but that won’t break down in our body.)

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