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Same same, but different

same but differentEven though we have the same basic biochemistry, e.g. we all need insulin to help metabolize glucose, we are all unique and have different thresholds for how effective this process can be.

We all are different individuals, with different genetics, different environments, different habits and preferences. So when someone asks me “can I eat this or that?” I always answer “it depends”. Not always what the person wanted to hear but nevertheless, the correct answer.

You have to look at “the three whats” – what is your health situation? What are your goals? And what can your body tolerate?

  • A diabetic has to be more careful with glucose than a non-diabetic.
  • An athlete can have more carbohydrates overall than a person who isn’t very active.
  • And a person with sugar addiction tendencies should probably stay away from anything that could trigger the sweet tooth, even if it’s not sugar. (I have a friend who can’t eat tomatoes without getting chocolate cravings.)

So is there anyone who could use some sugar? Yes, we all need some sugar, with “some” being the key word. Our bodies need about 5 g of glucose in the system at any given time. (5 g of glucose is equivalent to 10 g of regular white granulated sugar.) But even if we don’t eat any sugar at all, the body can produce the necessary amount so there’s never a danger of not getting enough.

However, certain circumstances e.g. very active athletes may need a bit more glucose to quickly restore glucose storages (called glycogen), and some medications can inhibit glucose production in the liver (called gluconeogenesis) so a bit more sugar in the diet may be called for. We can definitely help ourselves to reach a good blood sugar level by adding a little bit of carbohydrates to our menu. But choose wisely! It’s much better to pick a carb that also contains other good nutrients; choose leafy green vegetables or members of the cabbage family over grains, choose natural berries over dried fruits, and so on.

So how do you know how much carbohydrate and what types are right for you? Well, first always think “what? what? and what” as I explained further up. Then you can always contact an LCHF nutritionist for consultation. 😉


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