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TIME magazine or Teaching old dogs new tricks

dog sittingHave you seen the TIME magazine issue from June 2014? There’s a big article about “ending the war on fat”.

People in general have opinions about everything and anything. Some people like to learn and gain new insights, others like to stay with what they know. Some people like to discuss their ideas to maybe develop new ones, and others only discuss to convince you how right they are. Some people are happy when they learn new things and others just don’t like changing their minds. Researchers and health professionals are the same: some researchers are happy when their research proves that their basic hypothesis is wrong, and others just can’t admit it. Many of the latter ones have made careers built on false evidence or incorrect conclusions. An example of this is the saturated fat-cholesterol-heart disease connection. The first basic hypothesis has never been proved to be right but nevertheless huge careers have been built on them. Not to mention billion dollar drug and food industries. So no wonder then, now that more and more research shows that the big fat scare was in vain, there’s also a lot of resistance. It’s hard teaching old dogs new tricks …

Feels so much better then when a renowned magazine like TIME debunks the old fat fear they themselves helped to start. Makes you believe in truth again.

In the article, Robert Welsh, the writer, tells how it all came about, with Ancel Keys and low-fat recommendations, and how it has never been proven on one hand. And how the low-fat recommendations have caused a rise in sugar consumption, with today’s health issues in its wake, on the other hand. Unfortunately he doesn’t mention TIME’s rather significant role in spreading the unfounded cholesterol scare in 1984 (the issue with the sad egg and bacon face), but we’ll forgive them. After all, they did quite a turnaround with this article. And what is more important, hopefully this can be a significant cornerstone in mainstream media!

Who said old dogs can’t be taught?


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