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When the body speaks – a “poem” sort of …

human mouth talkingIt’s so funny how the body starts to talk,
When you start to listen.
It tells you.
It cooperates with you.

It knows when to wake you up,
Even without an alarm.
It knows to be hungry,
Only when you’re almost home.
It waits to go to the bathroom,
Until you’re in a clean place.

It tells you,
When you cooperate with it.

Start listening!

Give it junk and it will tell you it’s not pleased:
Bloated stomach or bleeding gums, absent-mindedness or joint pains,
Skin problems or heartburn, sugar dips or PMS moods,
Are results of ignoring.

Give it what it needs and it will be nice to you:
Energy and health, balanced blood sugar and hormonal balance,
Normal blood pressure and optimal weight, brain health and peace of mind,
Are results of listening.

Listen to your body and cooperate!

*Of course not everything can be cured by changing what you eat but you’d be surprised how much!



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