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There’s hope

A few weeks ago a YouTube video was going around in social media, in which the biologist, farmer, and environmental activist, Mr. Allan Savory spoke about how we can stop the desertification going on all over the world.

Four major things came to my mind when listening to the speech:

  1. He is not afraid to admit that he was wrong in the past and now he’s trying to fix his mistakes.
  2. The similarities and differences with the medical and health field – On one hand scholars and experts are convinced that they have all the right answers and act accordingly: Allan Savory and his colleagues were sure desertification was caused by high populations of animals in a certain area and acted accordingly (killing animals), just as medicine researchers came to the conclusion that saturated fat and cholesterol are harmful for the body.
    n the other hand, when Savory and his colleagues saw that the reality didn’t respond according to their ideas they started to check why they were mistaken and explore other options. And there ends that resemblance because in medicine it’s usually claimed that reality is wrong …
  3. It turns out that the new solution that Allan Savory raised and supports for a decade or two now, “periodical grazing”, is a win-win situation: resurrection of the desert (Ben-Gurion would have loved the idea!) and feeding more people! (One of vegetarians’ and especially vegans’ arguments is that there aren’t enough meat to feed everyone.)
  4. There is hope – You can change situations for the better! 🙂

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