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Before his time?

“Pure, White and Deadly” by Prof. John Yudkin

Pure, White and Deadly

Prof. John Yudkin (1910-1995) was a physician and nutritionist who mainly did research on sugar. He was one of the opponents to Dr. Ancel Keys’ theories that fat is causing heart diseases and managed to show in his experiments that sugar is behind numerous of our modern diseases, heart attacks being one of them. Unfortunately he was discredited and not taken seriously.

His book “Pure, White and Deadly” has now been reprinted (with foreword by Dr. R. Lustig). The book was first published in 1972 and was published again in 1986 with some new commentary by himself. (Since then it was out of print till now.)

In the book Yudkin doesn’t only explain about his research and conclusions, but he also talks about sugar’s history, explains how it’s refined, the differences between different types of sugar, and in the end he gives examples how the sugar industry manages to silence research about sugar’s negative effects.

He writes in a low-key, easy-going, humorous way and it almost feels as if one has a private conversation with him. Several times he writes that this or that only are theories and need more research – Theories that has now been found true! Unfortunately, it seems that not many took his word for it, and it’s only now that research has begun to take some action …

And then, every now and then, you have to remember that he wrote the book more than 40 years ago, especially when he talks about artificial sweeteners and margarine … 😉


3 comments on “Before his time?

  1. Todd
    January 20, 2013

    Great to hear that Lustig is bringing back this book’s deserved attention!

  2. Michal
    January 30, 2013

    Hi- I am very interested in the non-wheat and white sugar diet- do you know where I can buy in Israel the book “the wheat belly?” thanks!

    • Dina
      January 30, 2013

      Unfortunately you can’t buy it in Israel. I’d recommend to order it online. It’s worth it!

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