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“Surviving” Chanukah

I started this posting about 7-8 days ago but between having to prepare two Chanukah parties and continuing some house projects as well as suddenly getting some new students, time was to short. My apologies and here’s my ranting, this last eve of Chanukah.

Almost all Jewish holidays have some sort of traditional food and dishes. Even Yom Kipur which actually is a day of fasting, has it’s ‘seudat mafseket’ (last meal before the fast) with some traditional food.

For Chanukah there are two major dishes to be concerned about:

Latkes – the potatoe patties – are not such a big problem to substitute. You can use other vegetables like carrots, spinach, onions, leaks etc chopped up and mixed with eggs (and maybe some grated cheese), and they hold together quite well even without flour. Frying in butter or coconut oil is a real treat!

Sufganiot – jelly donuts – on the other hand are more problematic. What can one do that is dough like, can be deep fried, and preferably is a bit sweet? I was tossing the idea of some sort of cheese dumplings but due to lack of time I never experimented with it. Instead I decided to create new traditions and made cheese cake and chocolate candy for the sweet servings … (Now I have a full year to experiment! 😉 )

How did you “survive”?

2 comments on ““Surviving” Chanukah

  1. segmation
    December 15, 2012

    I think that I survived this Chanukah season. I usually put all potatoes in my latkes but this year used more zucchini! Thanks for writing this blog on Chanukah!

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