Who Needs Carbs

managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

I got a letter …

… from a mother:

I’ve kept LCHF for almost two years and feel great!
My husband joined me after a few months. In the first year I didn’t change anything in the regular family menu, but for myself and my husband. That is, I continued to cook pasta and bread was still eaten at home. With time, the menu changed and I no longer bought pasta and “healthy” breakfast cereals disappeared. The only bread eaten was the kids’ sandwiches to school.
To my surprise, in the middle of last school year my  youngest son’s teacher told me that there was a significant improvement in his concentration and abilities! I was very happy to hear it and of course I told her that I’d reduced wheat and other carbohydrates in my son’s diet. She marveled to hear but agreed that less sugar in the body made sense to her.
Before the start of this school year I bought home a few different “lunch boxes” and gave each of the kids to choose. Nowadays mornings start with a  nourishing breakfast that is good for several hours: an omelet with bacon or 9% cottage cheese. (It’s important with plenty of fat.) It’s easy to prepare and they can prepare the meal by themselves if I’m not home.
To school they don’t take sandwiches anymore but: 2 boiled eggs (a bunch can be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator), a few slices of cheese, 15% sour cream, vegetables, cabanos or perhaps some quality pastrami, and fruit.
Initially they were afraid of their class mates’ opinions but I taught them how to explain and very quickly were they not asked nor commented about their beautiful and delicious lunch boxes. There are even kids who now bring vegetables instead of a sandwich and almost every day there are a few who are interested to know more about their food selection.
My kids are sated and content and say it’s easier to concentrate in school!!! That’s the most important to me!
Currently we don’t have wheat, grains, etc. at home. The children do eat white basmati rice if they want to (they’re already used to that it’s enough with the meat/fish and salad/vegetables) and there’s always something sweet for dessert. After all, they don’t need to “diet” ,only to avoid eating poison as much as possible.
Another small but important detail: all my kids are professional athletes – one is a swimmer on the Israeli team, one is sport climbing, and the little one has been swimming for four years. Reducing carbohydrates did not affect them negatively at all, quite the opposite. I’ll write more on that another time.

Kudos to the mother who cares for her children, but a special hooray to the kids who themselves understand what’s good for their bodies! 🙂

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