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There is a solution!

Today was International Diabetes Day. That means the whole world was supposed to …? Raise awareness, I guess. As if we’re not told at least once a week in the news or on a talk show, that the number of people with diabetes is constantly rising.

I don’t understand how, with all the information we have at our fingertips, we still don’t know how one gets diabetes. (I’m talking about type 2.)

Yesterday I heard the head of the Israeli Diabetes Association saying that “it’s known that diabetes is caused by overweight”. Really? It can’t be that diabetes is caused by problems in the sugar-insulin connection? And that obesity might have its origin in the same problem? After all it’s also known that insulin (apart from being created in the pancreas and treating blood sugar) “locks” fat. A short flowchart will show that too much sugar = too much insulin = 1) wearing out the insulin making mechanism, 2) locking fat = diabetes type 2 = insulin treatment = more fat locking … Maybe it’s too logical?

Once upon a time, when there were no insulin pills and injections, it was known that diabetic patients should avoid sugar and anything that can convert to sugar in the body, to survive as long as possible. Maybe they didn’t know exactly how the mechanism works, with the pancreas and receptors etc., but they knew what to do and what not to do to avoid the disease. Today, when the connection between things is known, it’s still asked why people get sick …

And even if it’s so, that sugar isn’t guilty, how come the insulin mechanism recovers by reducing carbohydrates? Do we have to know “why” before we try a method that works?

Instead of Diabetes Day maybe some lessons in logic would be in order!

By the way, Gary Taubes recently published a very interesting article how the sugar industry has succeeded in casting doubts on the problematic sugar to make people, laymen and professionals alike, consume more of it without fear …

But they still can’t understand why people get sick … 😦

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