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“Blowing in the Wind”

My husband showed me an article in Thursday’s newspaper that diabetes type 2 patients are now allowed to do gastric bypass surgeries. His comment: “It’s like when people in the office put heaters under their desks when they’re too cold from the air-conditioning.”

I wrote about such surgeries in the past so I won’t repeat it – Instead here are some thoughts that rose while reading the article:

“The Ministry of Health allows gastric bypass surgery for the first time to cure diabetes”

Cure diabetes? As we know, type 2 diabetes is the body cells’ resistance to insulin. Will gastric bypass suddenly give cells in the foot their sensitivity back? How?

“Morbid obesity is a chronic disease”

A “chronic” disease is one that has no cure. Today the vast majority of obesity cases are treatable, even without gastric bypass.

“… or at least eliminate its [the disease] clinical signs.”

What? Both a surgery and no healing? Just giving a band-aid so it won’t hurt … Since when is elimination of symptoms a part of a doctor’s job description? Instead of going to the source of the disease and try to … heal? My mother once said, when receiving bad news one after the other: “It’s like getting a slap on the right cheek so as not to feel the tooth ache on the left side.”

And what does it mean “eliminate signs”? You have the disease but can’t see it? Is that wise?

“A lot of diabetics are unable to reach an optimal balance in their blood sugar.”

Maybe because they simultaneously continue to eat things that increase the sugar on one hand and try to guess how much insulin to take to counteract it on the other? A bit like accelerating uphill: more gas, less gas, and when exactly to loosen the brake …?

“… out of it [the surgery] with almost normal levels.”

Maybe because immediately after a surgery one doesn’t eat much at all and the little one eats (carbs and other things) usually is much less compared to before? By the way, I have friends that also were able to stop taking insulin within two – three days! Without surgery. They just stopped eating sugars and starches …

And here is a text I liked in particular:

“The way the surgery cures diabetes is unclear to us … and probably the decrease in food intake also has a positive effect on the disease.”

And my mind plays Dylan’s words …

“Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see …”

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