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Naked kings and the Russians’ pencils

It so happened this morning that I read two articles about two altogether different topics but so related: one in Swedish (English translation) about the non logic of the experts and how sometimes we laymen understand better, and one in English about a discovery in cholesterol and its effect on Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The connection? In the first article, among other things, they talk about founding certain antibodies that  for diabetics can move the bad fat from less good parts of the body (the internal organs) to less problematic parts (the muscles). To prevent heart disease in diabetics. Instead of preventing overweight in the first place*. – Who wants to shout in chorus with me “The king is naked!”?

The second article talks about how they found a certain mutation of the size of cholesterol which in turn can slow down the developing of Alzheimer’s disease. And they’re already looking to see how to make that a drug.

Why do experts (professors, researchers, and others in the field) just look for how to make more drugs from their discoveries? Instead of going to the cause of the problem and find ways of prevention … (Do I hear a whisper “money”?) – Reminds me of the joke about the American and Russian astronauts seeking the most appropriate writing tools to take with them into space …

Sorry for the rather cynical post on a Saturday morning …

*eating less carbs = less insulin that locks the fat = less weight gain …

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