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“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Yesterday one of the news items was that it had been found in research that Omega-3 doesn’t help to prevent heart disease.

Three things popped my mind: “didn’t I hear about this already a few months ago?”, “wasn’t that research made on already ill people?”, and “I should write about this!”

So today I did some (re)searching and found:

  • in the Israeli news they don’t say anything about who, when, why, and most important how the research was done
  • it’s about the ORIGIN-study made on already heartsick diabetes patients (you can read about ORIGIN e.g. here), that was published in the beginning of the summer
  • the omega-3 study was a part of another insulin treatment study
  • they gave the participants 1 g of omega-3 a day while the daily recommendation is 3-4 g
  • they used a food-frequency questionnaire
  • and so on …

Now I have new questions popping in my mind! 😉

  1. Why did they give only 1 g? And what type of omega-3? (And what was the placebo?)
  2. This result is based on people who are diabetic or have pre-diabetes. Does it say anything about healthy people?
  3. What else did these people eat that could have affected the results? What was their omega-3/omega-6 balance?
  4. Why hasn’t it been reported that the triglycerides were lowered by the omega-3?
  5. Why was it reported in the (Israeli) news only yesterday and why was it reported at all? (considering that no information, see further up, was given …)
  6. And the “conspiracy” question: does Sanofi gain anything on these results? 😉

So, is all research bad? No. And I’m happy to announce that, just in time for the new year, a new nonprofit nutrition research organization has launched – NuSi Nutrition Science Initiative. Good luck to Dr. Peter Attia and Mr. Gary Taubes! 🙂

Do you want to learn more about science and nutrition research? Check these out:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

Tom Naughton’s Science for Smart People

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