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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Tommy loses 50%

One of the presenters at the LCHF-camping was a guy named Tommy.

Tommy as he looks today.

Tommy’s an ordinary guy who “just” weighed too much and by eating good food lost half of his weight!

This is his story:

Tommy was always the biggest kid in class and as he always liked good food and cooking, he cooked and ate and eventually became obese. Interestingly enough he never had any other health conditions like sore knees, diabetes, bad lipid profile etc that often accompanies heavy weight. He had never been bullied about his weight either when still a kid, so he never felt that his weight was a problem and hence didn’t really care about it.

Tommy as he used to look like.

One day he was searching on the net for a new recipe and found an interview with Sten Sture Skaldeman, one of the front runners of the Swedish LCHF lifestyle movement. Tommy listened to the interview and thought that what this “old guy” said was interesting and made sense. A day later or so Tommy decided to try himself and he has never looked back at his old way of eating since.

What happened? Well, Tommy changed his way of eating to the LCHF style and started to lose weight, a few kilos each week.

What did he not do? He didn’t exercise, he didn’t count calories, and he wasn’t hungry. (He did however eat a lot of good tasty food. 🙂 )

How did it happen? When Tommy stopped eating carbohydrates, his insulin levels sank and his body got access to his energy (fat) storage. So simple!

You can read more of Tommy’s story here.


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