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Before the surgery … Is it sane?

In the past month I have heard about at least three different people who had or are planning some type of bariatric surgery as means to reduce their weight.

Today’s accepted advice to lose weight are to eat less and move more. When it doesn’t work people try with appetite depressing pills, cognitive therapy, powders instead of meals, etc … Many try to only eat ‘whole’ products and low-fat and do go to the gym twice-three times a week and still their weight doesn’t budge. Even when one’s able to lose a few pounds, often the weight goes back up after a period.

The prevailing view among many doctors and other professionals is that only gastric surgery can help with long-term weight loss and offer this solution to people with excess weight that have tried “everything”.

There are several types of gastric surgery and as with any surgery there are risks. In addition to the “regular” risks of surgery (as blood clots) there are certain hazards and side effects of gastric surgery such as leaks, malnutrition, dumping, depression and more. (Not to mention that over time one can increase stomach size again …)

Have they really tried everything? Why not first try the LCHF diet for a month or two, see the results and then decide? After all, most over weight is due to a too high insulin level in the body, that locks the fat.

Say, when you get blisters on your feet from uncomfortable shoes – Do you cut your feet of or change to other shoes? The body works with what’s given to it – Give it garbage and the body suffer, give it nutrition that it knows how to handle and your body will function!

2 comments on “Before the surgery … Is it sane?

  1. violetadj
    June 4, 2012

    Great post! I particularly like your shoes analogy. If you get a blister from uncomfortable shoes, you switch to different, more comfortable shoes that fit better. If a diet makes you fat, it would make perfect sense to try a different, more “comfortable” diet that fits better.
    I think that not being able to afford bariatric surgeries is a blessing in disguise for many overweight people. For those who can afford them, let’s hope they will try the low-carb alternative instead.

  2. Fettdieten.se
    June 6, 2012

    I totally agree. I have several members on http://www.fettdieten.se who have had a gastric bypass. Initially they lost weight, but after a couple of years, their overweight came back because surgery obviously does not solve the actual problem. It’s like preventing lung cancer by putting filters on the cigarettes instead of quitting smoking.

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