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Passover is on one hand considered a festival of excess food and on the other hand a holiday with nothing to eat … (Btw, even when I ate “normal” I never understood this saying. What does it mean nothing to eat? Just because there’s no bread and pasta? Is it impossible to feel full from chicken, potatoes and salad? It has always been strange to me, this complaint.)

So in a low-carb household there isn’t really much difference between Passover and every-day. The main difference is the colour of the Passover dishes and the other dishes …

And how does all this relate to the title?

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin was a French lawyer and politician during the French revolution. During his life he managed among other things to serve as a mayor, get elected as the president of the civilian court, go into exile in Europe and the United States, and write books on law and justice and – here’s the connection – about food.

Brillat-Savarin is considered “the father of gastronomy” and only two months before his death was his most famous book “The physiology of taste” (Physiologie du Gout) published. A book so popular that nearly 200 years later it’s still printed!

Brillat-Savarin left behind some quotes like “tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”, “a dessert without cheese is like a beautiful woman without one eye”, and “the discovery of a new dish brings more happiness than the discovery of a new star.”

And guess what else! – Brillat-Savarin is considered the father of low-carb diets! 🙂 And according to his own words: “The second of the chief causes of obesity is the floury and starchy substances which man makes the prime ingredients of his daily nourishment.”

Happy holiday! May we continue to reduce unnecessary carbohydrates after the Passover week.

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