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Paradoxes from here and there

(February 28, 2012)

When Ansel Keyes presented the results of his research, he cherry-picked the data to fit his theory. One of the countries he excluded in the results was France. It appears that in France they seem to eat pretty much red meat, butter, and other foods rich in saturated fat and cholesterol, and yet the French have lower rates of heart and other cardiovascular diseases than other countries. It was called “the French paradox” and researchers have tried to explain it with the larger amounts of red wine the French drink.

There are some other similar paradoxes in the world:

  • The Eskimo paradox – The Inuits’ traditional foods are mainly meat from seal, ice bear, whales, and other arctic animals. Meats heavy in saturated fat, and yet, there are almost no heart and cardiovascular problems.
  • The Masai paradox – The Masais (Do you remember the adds for Pesek Zman?) still live mostly as they always have. Their diet is based on meat, blood, and raw milk, mixed with some herbs and maybe some seasonal fruits. There aren’t any particular heart and cardiovascular problems.
  • The Israeli paradox – It was seen in a research conducted at the Weizmann Institute, that despite that in Israel they eat more polyunsaturated fats (PUFA, the fats recommended in conventional dietary advice throughout the Western world) than in any other western country, the incidences of heart and cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and all other metabolic diseases, are much higher than in other western countries.

So tell me – When everything starts to be exeptions to the rule, wouldn’t it be good to check the rule?

In the meantime I continue to eat like a Frenchman! 😉

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