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Vitamin D and a full circle?

(February 8, 2012)

When my son was a few months old I was given vitamin D by the Tipat Chalav (well-baby clinic) to give him every day. I remember as a child in Sweden we used to get vitamin D together with lunch in the kindergarten during the as there wasn’t enough sun. Since I never relayed on the Tipat Chalav nurses  and couldn’t understand why it should be necessary to take vitamin D in a sunny country, I asked the pediatrician. He justified the idea that there is enough sunlight in Israel and explained that if I didn’t cover his skin all the time, he’ll receive enough radiation to produce vitamin D himself. (He added that it’s mostly the ultra-orthodox populations who has a deficiency.) That was approximately 21 years ago …

It may sound funny but – Following the so rainy January I started to read and study about vitamin D. Suddenly I noticed that because of the rain I sit at home all day long and don’t see the sun. I started some “soul searching” and found that in fact most of my adult life I’ve spent in a building, whether in an office or at home. In fact, a lot of us do it, don’t we? Also, in the summer, whether in the pool or at the beach, how many of us aren’t covered with sun protection all the time? Sound familiar?

So how many of us suffer from vitamin D deficiency? It’s no longer just a thing for Scandinavians in the winter, nor for those who wears black and modest here, not even only for teenagers who sit at the computer all day …

So why is vitamin D important? I began, as usual*, my research in Hebrew and to my surprise I found a lot of material! For example the site “Vitamin D” with all kind of interesting articles.

  • Vitamin D is actually a group of pre-hormones produced from cholesterol in our skin when it’s exposed to UVB rays.
  • One can also get vitamin D through food, particularly fish oil, fatty fish, liver, egg yolks, butter, and other foods high in natural fat.
  • Vitamin D is especially important for us to create bone but is also positively affecting the immune system, and probably reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes and various cancers. (I write probably because I haven’t yet read enough about these studies.)
  • Vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets (“the English disease”) and probably (see the previous “probably”) cause depression, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, and more.
  • The IDF conducted a study and found that soldiers with low levels of vitamin D had more stress fractures.
  • Even in our sunny country most people lack vitamin D.
  • The most effective sun rays are around noon. It’s enough with about fifteen minutes exposure on an area the size of a hand.

So what does one do? First of all starts eating right and maybe even go outside for fifteen minutes at lunchtime.

And I started again with vitamin D drops … 😉
* “As usual” because first of all I’m looking in Hebrew, this is a Hebrew blog after all, and only then do I look for materials in other languages. Unfortunately, the problem is that there isn’t much in Hebrew …

One comment on “Vitamin D and a full circle?

  1. Edmundo Rapalo
    October 9, 2012

    Vitamin D is really needed so that we can absorb properly the calcium and magnesium that we are taking from food and other supplements. `:.`’

    Please do read our new blog page

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