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I’ve finished one more book

(January 1, 2012)

This time “Fat and Cholesterol are GOOD for You!” by the Danish doctor Uffe Ravnskov.
about the cholesterol myth

Dr. Ravnskov was from the start very skeptical to the campaign against cholesterol when it started in the 70th. He began to research the subject (mainly by examining the cholesterol and drug research in the past and present with a magnifying glass) and wrote about 20 years ago the book “The Cholesterol Myth” in which he explained the reasons for his doubts (and many of others with the same doubts!), backed up in numerous studies. The years have past and two years ago he issued this book – the same theme, but updated with more studies.

In the book you can read about:

  • What cholesterol is and why it’s essential to our bodies.
  • On different types of “cholesterol containers/transporters” and why even the LDL is good for us.
  • Why too low cholesterol can be dangerous (!).
  • What saturated fat is and why it has no effect on cholesterol levels.
  • Countless studies – studies in which they’ve attempted to show that fat and cholesterol are bad for us (unsuccessfully), drug research where they’ve tried to lower cholesterol (non-effective), and more.
  • The danger of taking statins.
  • How interested parties can silence opposing voices.
  • An alternative idea, more appropriate, for the causes of heart disease.
  • And even a few words about what one should do.

A most interesting and important book!

And again I wonder, why aren’t today’s doctors more aware? Is it so convenient to just prescribe some pills that drug companies recommended? Don’t professionals want to read and delve in issues related to their profession? Sad … And infuriating!

A taste from the back of the book:

“Did you know?

… that cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals?

… that your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat?

… that the internal production increases when you eat only small amounts of cholesterol and decreases when you eat large amounts?

… that heart patients haven’t eaten more saturated fat than other people?

… that stroke patients have eaten less?

… that people with low cholesterol become just as atherosclerotic as people with high?

… that high cholesterol is not a risk factor for women?

… that high cholesterol is not a risk factor for old people although by far most heart attacks occur after age 65?

… that many of the cholesterol-lowering drugs are dangerous to your health and may shorten your life?

… that the cholesterol campaign creates immense prosperity for researchers, doctors, medical journals, drug producers and the food industry?

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