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Dr. Davis says …

(January 23, 2012)

Last autumn I wrote a post about the book “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis, in which he explains about the wheat of today and what it does to our bodies.

Since the publication of the book, the doctor, part from continuing his work as a cardiologist, writes a blog, is interviewed, and gives lectures. (And apparently also works on writing a cookbook. 🙂 )

Here I’ve collected some of the interviews and the lectures for those interested. Worthwhile! (Sorry if the quality isn’t always the best – That’s how it appears on the net …)

A first interview (about the book) he gave to Mr. Jimmy Moore (who has the largest low-carb blog in the U.S.A. ). The interview starts at 41 minutes.

A second interview he gave to Mr. Jimmy Moore (with questions from the listeners).

A lecture he gave at a high school fundraising evening part 1 and part 2 (Unfortunately the recording ends abruptly towards the end but it’s still worth watching. 😉 )

Listen and enjoy! 🙂

Clarification: I don’t receive any payment or other imbursement to publish the doctor – I just think the message is important enough to share with other people.


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