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ABBA, Volvo, and … LCHF?

(January 26, 2012)

It’s amazing what’s happening in Sweden right now! Norway isn’t far after, and in Finland they also start to take an interest. But in Denmark …”There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark” 😉

More and more people reduce the amount of carbohydrates they eat and fewer and fewer people are afraid of fat. This led among other things, to a butter shortage and an overflow of margarine in stores (and drastic lowering of prices). The tabloid headlines shows pros and cons (one day this and one day that …) and in the more serious newspapers they have articles trying to explain the phenomena and the theory behind. Lately, almost every week, there has been one or more TV programs of some sort or other (science, ‘just’ populist, cooking, etc.) that talks about LCHF.

And most fun? They’re starting to see results! In stores, in polls, and even “Socialstyrelsen” (a branch of the Health ministry, something like U.S.A’s FDA or USDA) issued a mandate that low-carb diets are allowed for diabetics. 🙂

The changes are so impressive that even in the U.S.A. people started to pay attention.

Not only I try to convey the message; of course there are a lot of blogs in Swedish, Norwegian, and English. And now there’s a woman in Malta who opened a Facebook page. May they multiply! 🙂

And I apologize that not everything is translated into English … Anyone wants to learn Swedish? 😉


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