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A birthday wish

(December 7, 2011)

When I hear commercials on the radio like “Does your child have difficulties to concentrate in school? – Buy drug X!” or “Do you want to give your family healthy food? – Buy organic ketchup!” …

When I read an article about wanting to give children statins* “in order to not develop heart diseases in the future” …

Then I feel like crying … 😦

Health journalists! – I wish you started to read a little research yourself and not just repeat things you’ve been told. Ask: Is this an observational study and the results are only circumstantial or is this a randomized clinical research were they really only changed one variable?

Doctors! – I wish you could take a small look at the whole patient profile for the person you deal with, beyond the specific problem they came to you for. Ask: Does it makes sense that you need to give medication against side effects of other drugs? Is there a common denominator to all the problems?

Dietitians! Diabetes nurses! – I wish they would let you learn a little bit more on how the body works and what happens to the food inside the body. Ask: How were these problems dealt with in the past, without modern medicine? Is the patient in front of you really “lazy” or does he/she have another problem and really can’t “move more”?

Am I asking too much …?

* It turns out that the patent of Lipitor and other statin drugs are expiring  these days and new markets are explored in order to renew the patents …

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