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The government approved …

(November 28, 2011)

Today there was an article on Ynet … And it’s talked about in all the news.

First I’d like to say that I think it’s very important that our ministers discuss the subject. Some of them would also benefit implementing a more healthy lifestyle. 😉

I get the sense of “doomsday” because when they write “based on  recommendations tested and proven effective in various countries” I, for whatever reason, feel that most of these recommendations are based on recommendations from the United States (more bread and fruit for diabetics) and Denmark (fat taxes), etc., i.e. an extension of the recommendations we’ve had for the past fifty years, and we can see how they haven’t worked but increased the problem. (If they’d base their recommendations on what’s happening for example in Sweden, there would’ve been bigger headlines – “eat butter and lose weight” for example … 😉 )

So what are the recommendations? Here’s a list from the article, with some comments from me (I couldn’t resist 😉 ):

“Local authorities: establish sports facilities”
I see parks with brand new fitness room machines for anyone’s use, but I don’t see anyone actually using them. I know I several times have wanted to go and try them out but just haven’t done it. So how are the authorities going to make people take advantage of them?

“Refreshments at work: fruits and vegetables”
Nice actually, about vegetables. But when will they understand that fruits are not equivalent to vegetables??? An occasional fruit can be possible just like with any other candy. Occasionally!

“Schools: no fattening food”
Hallelujah! Does that mean no more soft drinks and granola bars full of sugar in the vending machines? Or that it would be possible to get bread-crumbs-free schnitzel in the cafeterias?

“Prohibition to sell foods containing margarine”
Ah, here we go! “Encouraging the Israeli consumers to prefer purchasing food products with high nutritional value, such as whole wheat bread”. To eat more whole grains … (What does that do under a heading for margarine?) But to limit trans fats – I’m all for! And parve cakes can be made with coconut fat. 🙂

“Restaurants: will be required to state caloric value”
And why is that good? Would be better to state composition of carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the food. Much more efficient.

“Ministry of Agriculture: develop more healthy varieties”
Hmmmm … We saw what happened to wheat, just hope the same thing won’t happen for vegetables …

“Gym: no need for doctor’s permission”
What can I say … Not everyone can go to the gym … And it’s not recommended to everyone … I’m usually for that each one should take responsibility for him-/herself and his/her own health … But it will be interesting to see what will happen when the first poor guy  who collapses in the gym because he wasn’t healthy enough, then sues the place …

In conclusion – I do wish I’m wrong and that the government and all the others who cooks the program really research and studies what happens in other countries and gets to the appropriate conclusions accordingly, and don’t just go like a herd after Big Agriculture and Big Pharma …

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