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Another of these stories …

( October 10, 2011)

Once upon a time … There was a researcher named Dennis Parsons Burkitt.

He is best known for two great discoveries: one, he discovered and documented a type of childhood cancer (Burkitt’s lymphoma). The second, about 30 years ago Burkitt conceived the idea that most of “the western diseases” are caused because we eat too little dietary fibers.

And since then “everyone knows” that fibers are good for us and we should eat quite a lot of them. They’re supposed to help:

  • For constipation
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Against colon cancer
  • Against heart disease and diabetes

However, no studies were done to verify that his theory was holding up … :-O

An easy leap till today – Now they’ve begun to investigate the matter and found that … Dietary fibers do not help against colon cancer! Okay – But what about the other things? What do fibers do to our digestive system?

First, dietary fibers don’t break down in the stomach but goes whole into the intestines. Which in itself can scratch the intestines’ lining and cause other damages (such as IBS and other intestinal diseases). Besides that, all the intestinal bacteria feed on them and cause gas and bloating …

Second, there are two types of dietary fibers – soluble and insoluble. Both kinds are present in all plants but in different amounts. The solubles are found more in fruits and vegetables while there are more of the insolubles in grains, seeds, and such … Furthermore – In fruit, for example, there’s also a lot of fructose … And cereals, for example, has a lot of phytic acid, acid that binds many essential minerals and prevents their absorption in the gut.

So how exactly are fibers supposed to be good for us?

P.S. And if you are constipated then a spoon or two of coconut oil will take care of it, quickly and efficiently. 😉

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