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Who has eggs*?

(September 27, 2011)

I remember as a child how adults suddenly one day said it was okay to eat one egg a day, when previously they’d been talking about maybe two a week. I didn’t understand then what the fuss was about but eventually I learned that eggs can indeed be healthy but not too much as they contain cholesterol.

That stayed with me for years, and during Passover, when everybody (including me) buy eggs as if there’s nothing else to eat, I was a bit worried and wondered if there aren’t any alternatives to these quantities of eggs.

Since I started to dig deeply into LCHF I learned that eggs have:

  • About 10% protein
  • About 12% fat
  • And less than 1% carbohydrates
  • About 10 different minerals
  • About 10 different vitamins (only vitamin C’s missing)
  • Water

When you think about it – All vegetarians that eat eggs, please close your ears! 😉 – An egg should contain all the elements that make a chick …

The fats are divided to: about half of monounsaturated fats, about a third of saturated fats, and about a sixth of polyunsaturated fats, where the main fat is linoleic acid, the same good fat as in olive oil.

What else did I learn? I learned that …
A three eggs omelet contains the recommended daily intake of selenium, vitamin E, vitamin B12, as well as half the recommended quantities of vitamin A, Riboflavin and Folat. Oh, and about a quarter of the vitamin D requirement. Who needs to continue taking vitamin pills? 😉

My regular breakfast is an omelet, or scrambled, of 2-3 eggs. Then I may eat another 1-2 eggs in case I got hungry between meals. (There are always some hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator for emergencies.) Did I make a tuna salad? Coconut pancakes? A pie? More eggs … No wonder that we buy four dozens every week …

*A play on words in Hebrew.

One comment on “Who has eggs*?

  1. Todd R. Kedes
    January 24, 2012

    Eggs are great when in a bind. How about 1 or 2 dozen a day, or would that be too many carbs at 0.4g per egg? 😉

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