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Sugar addiction

(August 24, 2011)

A short summary:

♦ “addiction” = a physical and psychological dependency on psychoactive substances (e.g. alcohol and tobacco, heroin and other drugs, but also to substances that the body creates by itself such as adrenaline), that crosses the blood-brain barrier, and temporarily changes the brain’s chemical environment.

♦ The population can be divided into three groups when talking about addiction:

  • “Normal” use
  • “Harmful” use
  • Addiction

The first group never has a problem with the addictive substance. These people will use it occasionally, but never too much and hardly ever feel the need for more. The addictive substance is not an “issue” for them.
The second group can sometimes consume too much of the addictive substance, but people in this group can also set goals, as “white periods”, and deal with the substance and the need for it, and even hold back when required to do so.
The third group is those who are addicted. These people can not control themselves when they are absorbed in the illness. They can not rationally relate to the addictive substance and can not limit themselves. The substance fills their senses and is a chronic condition that doesn’t heal.

♦ Sugar and sweet flavours stimulate the brain by activating the beta-endorphin receptors. The same receptors that heroine and morphine connects to.

» There’s a reason why it’s said ‘addicted to bread, pasta, etc.’ … : – /

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