Who Needs Carbs

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(September 21, 2011)

Today’s Wednesday and my husband went shopping while I worked. This time it was easy – just the basic products: eggs, cream, and cheese ends. Oh, and onions of course! 😉  (As he decided to boycott Tnuva, he bought some extra cream so we can prepare butter ourselves if needed. Why not? Actually tastes good.)

But that’s not what I wanted to write about, but the eternal question “what shall we cook for Shabbat?” After all, that’s the basis of the shopping. And the sequel “what’s for dessert?”.

I’ve noticed that quite a while ago we created a kind of division between us – I come up with the main course and he the side dishes. Well, some of them as I also  suggest some. 😉 But somehow, none of us think about dessert. That’s rather surprising, given that both of us in particular like desserts. :-O

When only the two of us are home, it’s not a big deal. I really don’t need any dessert after a good meal. I enjoy the flavours of the main and side dishes, and nothing is missing in my mouth. And the kids have gotten quite accustomed to Shabbath meals without challa or dessert. (They’re happy when there’s rice …) But last Saturday we had guests, and oy vey, we forgot to make dessert! What to do? Luckily we still had 85% chocolate in the closet, so I quickly broke it into cubes, I mixed some almonds and raisins, and I also took some hazelnuts and pistachio – served it all in small bowls … Seems that the guests enjoyed it. (The children sure were surprised that there was dessert. ;-))

And I started to think – why do we eat dessert at all? After a hearty meal, who has room for a dessert? On the other hand, one can make really good desserts with whipped cream … 😉

In two days it’s Shabbat and the High Holidays are almost here – what desserts do you plan to prepare?

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