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Slow-cooker cooking

(June 20, 2011)

At the request of “night guard” here’s a recipe that fits a student with no time. (Or anyone else who doesnot want to spend too much time in the kitchen …) It’s also quite cheap, if you buy the meat when you find it on sale and put it in the freezer until needed.

1. Put the meat in a pot (here Falsch fillet). You can defrost the meat in the refrigerator overnight or put it still frozen in the pot in the morning, depending on how much time you have. Put vegetables and roots as well, according to desire. Here I put onions, carrots and cabbage.

2. Spice and add some liquid. Here I added salt, pepper, garlic powder, tarragon, and bay leaves.

For the sauce I used half a tin of coconut cream and a glass of red wine (this time Pinotage).

3. I put the pot on low heat because I knew I wouldn’t be home for a lot of hours.

4. The result after 10 hours:

Bon appetit! The dish suites both LCHF and paleo eaters. 🙂


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